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Here is a good article written by a British physio, discussing advantages of regular sports massage for runners. 

Here is a good piece about the study in the video written by the New York Times.  Well, good except for the fact that the author uses the term "masseur"* - the rest of the info is presented very well.

*A massuer is just a man who does massage, anybody can call themselves a masseur or a masseusse.  Make sure you always see a state-licensed massage therapist or CMT.


Interesting article that discusses how massage therapy can help promote recovery from surgery by breaking down scar tissue and realigning the muscle tissue fibers so they are functional again. The term "minor surgery" is a bit of an oxymoron; if your body is getting sliced, it's gonna need some repair! Please share with any friends/loved ones who may have any recent or impending surgeries.


From the Journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine:

In 2010 a study was done titled "Benefits of Massage-Myofascial Release Therapy on Pain, Anxiety, Quality of Sleep, Depression, and Quality of Life in Patients with Fibromyalgia" - here is the conclusion: 

This study demonstrated that massage-myofascial release therapy reduces the sensitivity to pain at tender points in patients with fibromyalgia, improving their pain perception. Release of fascial restrictions in these patients also reduces anxiety levels and improves sleep quality, physical function, and physical role.

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